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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Want More Customers? Try Resident Appreciation!

Just as a reminder: I'm a talker.  So it's safe to say my blog entries will usually have a mini story behind them.  Just an ;-)

So today....was Taco Tuesday! Yumm-o!!  For those of you that do not know what that means - Rosa's Cafe (a local eatery) has a special taco plate on sale for only $3.29 every Tuesday!  And that is what got my AVON day started.  But I'll get to that in a bit...first I'll take a mommy minute...

6:30 am - This morning when I woke up I did not feel at all rested and my back was killing me!  I'm not real sure what was going on.  Since we got this new 4 inch foam topper for the bed, I have been sleeping very soundly!  At any rate - I said goodbye to the 12 year old as he set off to walk to school and sat on the sofa and tried to go through email and text messages on my iPad while yelling every 5 minutes, "Big Kid #2, come on!!  We have to go!". 

7:29 am - I woke up on the sofa, iPad and iPhone in my lap and nothing really accomplished. :-(  Why am I so tired?  "Big Kid #2, come on!! We have to go!"  Home again.  Both big kids off to school.  Let's try this sofa/email thing again.  Sit.  "Waaaah"....from the bedroom.  Bottle time.  Email - hold that thought!

8:30 am - Finally.  Big kids off to school - baby fed, changed, loved on and now watching Pocoyo.  Thank goodness for nickjr.!!  Now for the email.  Read. Delete. Read. Forward. Read. Reply. and so on... until zzZzZZzz...what is wrong with me?!  I can not keep my eyes open. I am so motivated to get things done today after the Leadership meeting last night.  What is wrong with me?! sigh.  Must. Crawl. Back. In. Bed.  Thank goodness I make and set my own hours and can do what I want, when I want, where I want, with who I want, why I get the picture.  My philosophy...when you can't keep your eyes open - your body is telling you it NEEDS rest.  So back to bed it was for me.  Oh and babe - are you going to take the trash out?  Yes.  Sweet.  Sleepy pie time for this kiddo.

Noonish - Wake up.  Crazy dreams!!  With the lack of rest I felt after a full nights sleep, the back hurting so badly, a mini headache and the crazy dreams...something is going on!  Weird.  Anyway, time to start my day.  Finished checking email!  Got my email about the new recruiting incentive!  Super excited about the AVON jewelry up for grabs! :)  I plan on adding a ton of people to my team anyway, but incentives and prizes are always great!!  Just another reason I <3 AVON! :) Worked on the new blog setup a little bit.  Facebooked a bit.  Fed the baby.  Remembered this is Big Kid #2's day to stay after school for the Good News Club.  So I get another hour and 1/2 to work on AVON!! :) 

2:00 pm - Ok. So I've decided to hold a class tomorrow afternoon for Fundraising.  Fundraisers are my FAVORITE thing to do with AVON.  Everyone wins.  You raise money for someone or some group/event/charity.  You make money.  You make new customers.  You get to share AVON on a grander scale.  And you make lots of friends! :)  They are not tough to set up - just a few guidelines to follow.  So I text my girls to invite them to the class.  Most can't make it.  Two can.  One may.  And a few don't answer the text.  I would hold the class even if it was just 1 person.  ("The strength of a team is each individual member....the strength of each member is the team." ~ Coach Phil Jackson, Chicago Bulls.)  So it is decided my fundraiser class will be in Lake Worth from 7:00 to 8:00ish.  My MIL is going to keep little man for me since Daddy-o has dart league at 7:00 and work after that.  All set!  Now to put together all my Fundraiser one box. In some kind of organized manner.  By tomorrow.  Bahhahhaah. :D  And amidst all of this it is POURING down rain!!  Tornado Warning and all. YUCK.  I hate April.  Love a pretty little rain now and then, but tornadoes scare the poo outta me!  Now I know why I was so sleepy this morning!  I had full intentions on going shopping for things to decorate my car for the SSS Bug Guard contest we are having!!  Had I done that and spent all that time decorating only to have it all washed away by the rain...I would have been soooo sad!!  So my decision to go ahead and sleep some more - was a good one!  But I will decorate my car!  And I will sell the heck out of SSS Bug Guard this Summer!  I really want to win one of the Volkswagen Beetle's they are giving away.  I don't think it will really happen because it's a nation wide contest.  But I am going to try!! :)

2:40 pm - Big kid #1 - Home.  No homework.  Please bring in the trash cans.  Thanks! :)

2:45 pm - oops!  Forgot my phone was on silent so I could rest!  Missed a call from Big Kid #2 at school.  Probably calling to remind me about the Good News Club...again.  No need to call back.  Answered a few texts and have voicemails.  I'll listen to them - RING - as soon as I answer this phone call from Big Kid #2? Again?  As it turns out there was no after school program today because of the storms it was cancelled.  So off to pick up Big Kid #2.  And I'm thinking I want an early dinner so tonight I can focus on AVON since I really haven't been able to wrap my head around it at all today.  Babe - what do you want to eat? "I don't know, what does Big Kid #1 want?" Ugh.  Why can't we ever figure out what we want when we are doing take out?  Big Kid #1 suggest Taco Bueno.  Nope silly drive-thru girl made me mad last time I went through - think I'll pass.  I'll ask Big Kid #2 what she wants and text you guys.  Off I go...

3:00 pm - Pick up Big Kid #2.  What do you want to eat?  "Taco Tuesday"!  Genius! :)  Text the boys and get their order.  For some reason this little happenstance put a little hop in my step and as I'm passing by a daycare I pass by everyday I pull in, hop out, take a few books in and as it turns out, they do not have a Rep that services their employees or customers.  I tell them I'll be back every 2 weeks.  This week, I plan to ask for the director's name and email.  First, I'll drop off  a card thanking them for letting me drop off books with a little hand sanitizer with a pink ribbon bow (total cost about $.68, including card, goodie & ribbon).  Then I'll print some coupons for that location only & staple them to the books I will drop off next time offering all employees & customers 10% off their first order.  Then after a few weeks I will email the director about fundraising opportunities.  And of course I will add them to my list of book drop offs for every 2 weeks. :) Yay!

3:15 pm - Suddenly I remember I have voicemails.  So I listen to them.  First - Personal.  Second - A customer.  She is calling to say that I can not bring books to her work anymore because she and a few other employees got in trouble for talking about AVON during business hours.  Poo!  I have 4 girls at this location.  So I send a text to the main girl apologizing for getting them in trouble and I tell her that if she'll have the other girls text/email me their addresses I'll drop books at their houses every 2 weeks.  I sent a second text offering her the opportunity to be a helper and take orders from the girls for me and I can just deliver to her every 2 weeks and she will earn a discount on products.  Hopefully, this will work out.

3:28 pm - Head to Rosa's Cafe and am thinking about the voicemail I had and trying not to let it get me down.  And then I remembered my little mini success at the daycare, so all of a sudden I whip into an apartment complex.  Big kid #2 says..."Mom, what are you doing?"  As if I'm crazy or something!  I pull into the "Future Resident" spot, pull out 2 books and leave the iPhone for Big Kid #2 to play with - after she "checks me in" on Foursquare so I can keep up with my mileage.  Go in, hand a lady the two books.  I ask if she knows if an Avon Rep lives in the complex or services the residents (don't want to step on any ones toes!) - No, not that they know of.  (Sweet!) I let them know I'll be back every two weeks with new books (Oh! I need to add them to my list!!) and they say thank you and look/sound genuinely happy about it! Yay again!

3:34 pm - Pull into another apartment complex just down the road.  Same routine. Big Kid #2 - Checks me in - plays with iPhone.  I head in with 6 books this time.  I thought of an idea between the 2 complexes - I hand the books to her (she seems to be genuinely thankful) and I ask her if it would be alright if I bring new books every month for them to put in their welcome packets for new residents.  She says that would be fine.  On a whim I ask if she would be open to letting me host a "Resident Appreciation Day" by setting up an AVON booth and having a few of my friends (Pampered Chef, Scentsy, etc.) do the same thing and offer samples and door prizes to the residents.  Because the idea literally just popped into my head, I probably didn't deliver it very well.  She did say she would follow up with the manager and let me know.  I have since refined the idea and plan to follow up with the manager by letter and going from there.  But still Yay?

3:36 pm - There happens to be another apartment complex right next what the heck I pop in there too!  I have had a few minutes to plan things in my head so I grab 2 books and head in the door - after putting Kid #2 to work on the  I hand the pretty blonde girl up front the books and say, "Hi.  My name is Cat Clayton and I am a local AVON Representative.  Do you know if you have a Rep that lives here or services your residents?"  She says no.  (Yay.)  I say, "Ok, well I would love the opportunity to take care of you guys.  Here are a few books for the employees.  Would it be ok if I stop back in and drop off books for your welcome kits for new residents?"  Sure! she says.  (Yay.)  Then I say, "and would it be possible to leave a message for your manager?  I don't want to bother him or her without an appointment." Of course! she says as she grabs a notepad.  And I drop it: "I would like to offer your manager the opportunity to set up a "Resident Appreciation" Day at no cost to the complex.  I would bring a few of my friends with other companies like Pampered Chef and Scentsy and we would set up tables with our products to demonstrate.  We would offer samples and have drawings for door prizes.  I would also offer light snacks for everyone that attends. (At this she lifted her eyebrow a bit as she kept writing.) Do you know if management might be interested in something like that?"  She very enthusiastically shook her head up and down and said, "Yes, I definitely think so!"  She asked for my contact information.  I gave her my name again and told her my information was on the back of my books.  (I will be following up with a letter and my card.)  Big - Nice complex.  Really looking forward to that!! :)

3:39 pm - All smiles.  I finally feel like I got something accomplished today!  What?! Another complex on this road.  Ok...I'll stop in.  Turns out this is a retirement community.  I head to the office, take in 2 books and figure I'll press my luck one more time! NO WHAMMIES, I think as I open the door.  I wind my way down the hall the only voice I can hear and behind a desk piled high with papers sits a nice woman talking with an older man.  She looks at me and smiles and I said I just wanted to drop off a few AVON books for the employees.  She says ok and tells me I can leave them on her desk.  Well....that isn't going to! I'm scared they may get tossed aside because she has so much going on!  As I'm standing there I notice a HUGE room that would be great for "Resident Appreciation!"  So I make the offer (albeit quickly because she does have someone in her office.)  After spitting out a very fast rendition of my last speech, she surprises me!  She says she would definitely be interested, hands me her card (after correcting the email on it) and says to call her to schedule a date to hold it on!!  YAY ME!!!

3:56 pm - Ok on to Taco Tuesday! :)  For real this time!  Text from Daddy-O.  Yes I know I've been gone a while.  Made a few stops for AVON.  On my way home now.

4:13 pm - Quick stop at the Sno-Cone stand!  Need me an unflavored sno cone to eat for dessert after my Tacos! :)  Finally home. :)  Finally get to eat my Tacos and my sno cone.  Feed the baby.  Change the baby.  Try to figure out why he won't stop crying.  Ah! Orajel.  Ahhh. Silence.  Well for a little while anyway.

5:30 pm - Laying in bed with little man and Daddy-O watching cartoons and checking email and FB on the iPad.  Fun email: a woman that has a blog for working mom's wants to interview me and put it on her website to motivate other moms! :)  How fun!  I responded right away!!  She is going to send me the interview questions so I can be prepared and then we are going to schedule a time to do and record the interview.  She is going to list it on her website, with a link to my website!  Suuuuwheet! :D

11:00 pm - Daddy-O is off to work.  Big Kid #1 & #2 are in bed.  Laundry is on.  Baby is content watching nickjr. again and I have a little more AVON'ing to do before bed time.  Haha "Bed time" as if that is a real thing in my world!

Thought for the day: The vision must be followed by the venture.  It is not enough to stare up the steps - we must step up the stairs. ~Vance Havner

I am going to attempt to clear off my crazy desk and head to bed after a nice hot cup of Earl Grey from my Kuerig. :) Goodnight all.

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