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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

1 Amazing Year with AVON!! :) Happy Anniversary to me!

Hello peeps! :)  Whew....tons going on!!  And SO HAPPY to report it all! :)  So here we go...
  • April 11, 2011 - I joined AVON as an Independent Sales Representative one year ago today. :)  What an AMAZING year it has been! :)  In my first year I hit many of my personal goals, made Presidents Club, became a Unit Leader and now am the leader of a group of 15 ladies as of this Saturday!! :)  What a ride this has been.  When I post on this page next year at this time I expect to be reporting even greater things!  Just like the title of my blog says...I am SEUL bound...are you?
  • I earned 3 new additions to my team through AVON's Nesting program.  Welcome Karen Atkins, Jean Bonner & Yolanda Cox!
  • Alysa Hutson was able to make it to her first official meeting! :)
  • Amy Diaz found me online and signed up last week and will be placing her first order in C9.
  • Bonnie Tyler is joining our team tonight! :)
  • Candice Rothlis is an old friend of Daddy-O's family and a friend of mine for about 5 years and has just resigned up with Avon.  :)
  • Jessica Deane (in Austin Texas) joined our team and is working hard on coming up with marketing ideas!  Her email is if any of you want to give her ideas or motivation! :)
  • Krystal Brown joined our team!  Her husband and I work together on Friday's and he mentioned his wife was looking for "something to do" so of course...I suggested Avon.  And now she is very motivated and already doing great!
  • Sarah Tell has been a customer of mine for some time and is finally joining the ranks! :)  Her husband's grandmother has been selling Avon for over 20 years and his mom use to be a Rep.  So Sarah wants to keep in the family ! :)
  • Courtney Roark is joining our team this Saturday and will mostly be running an e-business for her out of state family and friends.
  • Saturday, April 14th, I am hosting a Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser at my local nail salon!  Cool Nails at 9324 Clifford St, Fort Worth (White Settlement) Texas, 76108.  I will be there from 10 am to at least 3 pm.  Depending on the flow of people, I may stay until 5:00 :)  So come see me and enter your name in the drawing for free Avon products and a free Pedicure!
  • Met the Division Manager - Emily Ashmore.  She has an awesome personality and just the right kind of attitude it takes to lead us to success!! She has been in the Avon family since she was 3 years old in some form or fashion and I am excited to be able to work with someone with so much enthusiasm!
  • Avon has some fantastic incentives coming up!!  I am looking forward to both the SSS Bug Guard and Derek Jeter sales we will be having over the course of the Summer.

That's it for the last few days.  Can't wait to report back with my Fundraising success'!  Happy Avon'ing ya'll! <3 Cat

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  1. Happy anniversary and congratulations on your success! You are an inspiration to us newbies!!

    PS: I LOVE AVON!! :)