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Thursday, November 29, 2012

A real leader ALWAYS listens...

The most successful Leadership Representatives are active listeners. When interviewing a prospect ask specific, open-ended questions and listen intently to the answers. Then rephrase what the other person says to demonstrate that you have listened and understood.

Techniques for actively listening during conversations include:

Using someone’s name:
“Mary, I understand what you mean.”

“Tell me more.”

“Your goal to grow your savings account sounds like the ideal way to buy your first home within the next two years. Let me tell you how selling Avon will help you achieve this goal.”

“You seem very ambitious—that will take you far with Avon! Let me explain how selling Avon will help you save money for your daughter’s wedding ,afford a nice vacation and even buy that new car.”

Using the “felt/found” method:
“I understand that you feel concerned about building a large enough Downline. I used to feel the same way. But then I found that by using the Power of 3 every day, my Downline and my Customer base keep growing.”

The above information is from a form you can print at The information above is on the left side of the form. The right side of the form is lined for you to take notes on. If you'd like for me to email the PDF form to you, email me at and ask. :)

Happy Avon'ing!! 😊

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